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So what is Ombi you ask!?

Ombi allows you to host your own Plex Request and user management system.
If you are sharing your Plex server with other users, allow them to request new content using an easy to manage interface!
Manage all your requests for Movies and TV with ease, leave notes for the user and get notification when a user requests something.
Allow your users to post issues against their requests so you know there is a problem with the audio etc.
Even automatically send them weekly newsletters of new content that has been added to your Plex server!

Ultimate Plex/Emby Companion

So what can Ombi do!?

Mobile Compatible

Easily browse using your mobile and still have all the functionality!

Integrates with all major applications

Here a small list: Plex, Sonarr, CouchPotato, Sickrage, Email, Slack, Pushbullet, Pushover

Free to Use

As always, Ombi is free to download and use for any purpose!

Open Source

Ombi is licensed under the GNU General Public License!

There are some previews below!

Give Ombi a go! You can get it up and running in minutes!

Why you should use Ombi

Excellent Support

Have an issue or need some help? Post on Github and the ombi team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Easy to use

We have designed this from the ground up so it is easy for you and your users to request new content for your Plex Server

Up to Date

We are developing regulary and always adding new features and bug fixing :)

Made with Love

We do take pride in the quality and support we provide

Check out our Github for more information!

Let us know any issues or feature requests you have

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